About Us

“In early childhood programs, like ours, there is a lot of play – and there should be”

At Coastal Kids Preschool, we respect that years of research on children’s learning and development show the many benefits of play for children’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language development. Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring and establishing environments, solving problems and developing shared understandings.

The more creative their play, the more opportunities they have to learn. Children thrive when they have choices to make in their learning. We facilitate children’s choices within a carefully planned environment. We create the environment to allow each child, ages 2 to 5, to choose activities that are developmentally appropriate for his or her age. Our teachers offer a variety of learning experiences by setting up a creative environment filled with choices including, art, music, stories, reading readiness, number concepts, small and large muscle development, dramatic play, language development, social skills and so much more! Play is fun! But it is also serious business that pays big dividends to its eager, young investors.


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